Can Tho 1970

 The Pax
 Vi Thanh POL
 The Fam
 Cement Plant Outpost
 In Town Can Tho
 Kim Page
 Herbignat (never could spell that Mauri)
 Someone help me here, been 35 years
 Potts under cover
 Building the Patio
 Shootout with the Bounty Hunters
 Sendelbach at 140 hours
 Peterson and Mosher
 Sunset over the Barracks
 The Hunters
 U Minh Coming In from Rach Gia
An Bien
 Near Kien Long
 Near Vinh Long
 U Minh
 Clogston and Pax
Vinh Long
 Anyone know this Bear (at Hotel 3)
 Pagoda near the Seven Sisters
 Potts and Peterson
 Hotel 3
 Holder and the Newbee
 Three Sisters
 C & C
 Clogston and Miller (when he flew Slicks)
 Boomers, Hunters and C & C All Home
Miller likes the Floor Show 
Maurie and Briggs (Tough night)

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